What You Didn’t Know About Bathrooms!


That one room in the house we stay away from in discussion, bathrooms. We’ve all got at least one in the house, and we all use it several times a day. Bathrooms don’t have to be taboo talk. We’ve got some fun facts to interest and downright amaze your friends with!

Here’s some fun toilet facts.

  1. You’ll spend 3 years of your life in the bathroom with approximately 2500 visits per year.
  2. The oldest bathroom was created in Greece and was a place where men would sit together and socialize while they did their business.
  3. There is a theme park in South Korea dedicated to toilets called, Restroom Cultural Park.
  4. 75% of people use their phones while in the bathroom. It’s no wonder approximately 7 million people a year drop their phone in the toilet.
  5. You can book a toilet to use in advance in Venice by registering and paying online.
  6. November 19th is officially World Toilet Day, coined by the World Toilet Organization to promote hygienic sanitation for reducing diseases.
  7. By the early 15th century there were almost 900 public bathrooms in Rome exclusively reserved for the poor. Later they became a social venue where people talked about their lives and complained about the rich.
  8. The bathroom celebrities have met their end in the bathroom like Elvis Presley  in 1977, King George II and Whitney Houston.
  9. The largest public bathroom is in China which has over 1000 separate toilets.
  10. Public toilets aren’t as unhygienic as you may think. Because of their repetitive use, they are constantly scrubbed to eliminate bacteria and other organisms.

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