Customer Testimonials

Excellent products! Had my backup line replaced and all lines were clean!
Faithfully using the drain cleaner and monthly treatment. I have never had any issues.
Richard Izatt
Best product I have used; keeps my septic system running like new for 15 years now!
Julie Steinhaus
Since we started using Maxx's Products, odors and wet spots have dissipated, our toilets flush better and there have been no further backups. I wish we discovered your product years ago.
Joan S. Pennsylvania
When your pastor recommends a product, you gotta listen. I gave Maxx's Products a try and my septic system has never been this smooth. I guess I should thank Maxx's Products and my pastor.
Robert W. Ohio
When we read about Maxx's Products and learned that your product has the highest concentration of bacteria, we decided to try it. It's been six months and we don't even have to think about our septic system!
Mary B. California
Within the first two months of using your product my septic system's issues subsided. Thanks again…I have already told my friends and family about Maxx's Products.
Jayden C. Colorado