Is Maintaining Your Septic With Healthy Bacteria Important?

healthy bacteria

Having a septic system is undoubtedly important in every house. However, maintaining your septic tank with healthy bacteria can be a debate. Many homeowners are often confused about whether they should introduce healthy bacteria in their septic tank or not. Keeping it simple, we would say that the working efficiency of a septic tank can be enhanced with the presence of healthy bacteria in it. To understand how you first have to learn the function of your septic system.

An ideal septic tank is one that can treat the wastewater effectively and pump out all solid and liquid waste keeping itself functioning well. Having healthy bacteria in your septic tank will help it degrade solid, organic waste. However, excessive microbial growth must also be avoided. Moreover, you have to adopt some good practices to keep this microbial ecosystem efficient.

Bacteria And Solid Waste

Bacteria are small living organisms that we can’t see with our naked eyes. They can degrade solid organic matter by decomposing them into its components. If you have a balanced population of beneficial, decomposing bacteria in your septic tank, they will degrade the solid waste and allow them to settle down. However, if the tank is devoid of these healthy bacteria, maintaining a septic tank would become difficult. 

If the level of solid matter keeps rising in the tank, the working of your septic system will gradually reduce .Other than solid waste accumulation; it may also lead to other septic tank problems such as clogged pipes or sometimes groundwater contamination. 

When You Should Consider To Add Good Bacteria In The Septic Tank?

If you don’t dump household chemicals, sanitary products, etc., in your tank, you may not need to have beneficial bacteria in your septic tank. But those users of the septic tank who don’t pay attention to which type of waste is flushing down their toilets must consider introducing good bacteria in their tank. Because they are putting unnecessary stress on their septic system, and in such a situation, you can’t expect your septic tank to keep running well. 

Is There Any Disadvantage of Adding Bacteria To The Septic System?

As per the opinion of the majority of experts, there is no such harm in adding bacteria to the tank. However, others regard hiring a professional to pump your tank as a better option. 

Things To Avoid 

As we said above, you should have to adopt some healthy practices to maintain the bacterial ecosystem.

  • You should avoid dumping non-biodegradable waste down your toilets as they can’t be degraded by such bacteria.
  • Chemical cleaners are also harsh to the bacterial community and may eliminate them significantly from your tank.
  • Using antibacterial soaps may also result in the killing of microbes. Therefore, you should avoid if you want to have beneficial bacteria in your tank working efficiently. 

Final Thoughts

The overall benefits of having healthy bacteria in your tank convince us to get them introduced in your septic system. This will keep your septic tank working effectively in the long run. 

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