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At Maxx's Products, taking care of your household appliances is easier and better with the widest coverage of home appliance protection plans. Protection plans primarily covers the warranty for your trusted appliances especially the ones that are still operational after three years or longer. We provide consultation services to help you understand our offers better. Maxx's Products is the top provider of home appliance protection plans with the best features to safeguard your investment in expensive household equipment. We know that appliance repair could be costly especially if you are dealing with rare spare parts. Our protection plans cover the hard working appliances in your home. Inquire now for details!



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Events like your central heating unit going out in the middle of winter or when a refrigerator full of food just stops working are events that you are unable to predict.  When this happens you will need immediate service through a Maxx's Products Appliance Protection Plan. With one call, we’ll arrange for a service technician in your area to contact you to schedule a service call. For repairs covered by the plan there’s no deductible and no service fee. Yup, you read right! YOU NEVER PAY A SERVICE FEE!… How many other companies can guarantee that to their Club Members? Only us! For older appliances, when the cost of the repair is worth more than the value of the appliance, we’ll send you a check towards the replacement cost. Call now to speak with an account specialist about how a Maxx's Products Appliance Protection Plan will give you peace of mind: 800-397-2384

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