Home Maintenance Goals for New Year

Home Maintenance

With the start of the New Year, we celebrate new beginnings. Everyone makes a New Year’s resolution either to give up on a bad habit, to losing weight, to doing more charitable deeds.  Among all these, focusing on home maintenance is not the typical first choice. However, it’s vital to dedicate time to maintaining your home and septic system.  Therefore, let’s resolve to maintain the plumbing and cleaning of your house through the new year.

Here we have a few tips for you to maintain better plumbing this new year.

Know and Upgrade Your Septic System

We know septic systems from time to time require maintenance and up gradation to keep working efficiently. However, while buying a new house, the buyers sometimes forget to investigate that where is its location, what’s the layout of the main pipes, and how old it is. These things may trouble you if the lifespan of the septic tank is about to end.

To make sure that your septic system is capable of doing its work proficiently, you should pay attention to upgrading it by acquiring the services of a professional. If you want to do some construction to transform the outlook of your house for the new year, you must know the location of your septic tank and pipes to keep them safe while working. 

Pump Your Septic Tank

Have you ever thought about pumping your septic tank?  If not, make this your new year’s resolution to take care of your septic system. Though it’s the function of the septic tank to collect, filter, and process the solid waste, over time, its capability to do so may decrease because the waste keeps piling up in the tank. And sometimes, the use of your septic tank increases when you have guests to spend holidays at your place. 

Repair Leaky Taps

Leaking taps is a major problem that doesn’t only cost you expensive repairs but also affects your budget in terms of increasing water bills. That’s why it is on our list of new year’s maintenance goals to hire someone from a professional plumbing service to find out if there are some hidden leaks in your kitchen and toilets. It won’t only save on your wallet in the long run but also be an environment-friendly step to save this precious natural source. Conserving water by repairing leaking taps, turning off the tap while brushing or shaving is a huge favor you can do for the world.

Get Drain Guards

Have you been tired of getting your drains cleaned excessively every week? That’s definitely a headache you won’t want to go through again in the new year. To avoid this from happening this time, you can get some drain guards installed down the line to prevent the clog-causers from sliding into your drain. They are non-intrusive and, most importantly, are budget-friendly to invest in. 

Don’t Flush Everything

You shouldn’t treat your drains and toilets like garbage cans. They are not meant to flush harsh chemicals, rigid plastic containers, pharmaceuticals, tissues, hair, hygienic wipes, and many more that you are often used to dispose of through them. Doing so will block your drains and damage the pipes that will cost you more to repair. Make a habit of keeping a trashcan next to your toilet, so you don’t have to throw or dispose of the damaging waste materials down the drains. 

We hope you will pay attention to these little things to enter the new year with a better and effective plumbing system. 

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