Septic Tips To Maintain Your System This Holiday Season

Septic Tips

Christmas is fast approaching. Along with other rituals, you must be thinking about the thorough cleanliness of your whole house. At this, how you can neglect your septic system, the most important part and area of your beloved house. That’s why we’ve come up with great septic tips to maintain your septic system this holiday season!

It is said that the septic system should be checked after every three years by the septic service provider. But before calling the professionals, there are a few tips that can help you keep your septic system away from wear and tear earlier than expected. 

Now, without wasting any moment, learn how to have a healthy septic system. 

Don’t misuse the toilet and your kitchen sink.

You need to be very careful whatever you throw in the toilet. Don’t flush everything except human waste. The rest of the things like baby wipes used tissue papers are not breakable and don’t become part of the ecosystem. 

In the same way, your septic system is directly influenced by the wastage you put into the sink. Therefore, when you wash dishes, you should be mindful that you are not throwing any hard things like eggshells, coffee grounds etc., into the sink. In short, only bio gradable food should be washed into it. 

Know about your drain field

The drain field is the main part of the whole septic system. You need to know about your drain field. Thus, it is recommended not to park any car or vehicle near the drain field area. Moreover, it is better not to grow any tree near the drain field so that the roots don’t indulge with your septic system. 

Don’t wastewater

To increase the longevity of your septic system, it is always good to use the water properly and efficiently. As all the water is used in the bathroom, the kitchen goes down the drain. Saving water and energy are a wise decision. A large amount of water affects the septic tank as it requires more time to consume the water properly. 

Don’t kill the organism

Various products can harm the good bacteria in the water. Therefore, it is always recommended not to use any chemicals or detergent to clean your sink or bathroom toilet. Not only has this, but excessive use of bleach also affects the normal functioning of your septic system. To avoid the clog in the drain field, never throw the greasy elements, cooking oil into the kitchen sink. Therefore, you can use specific septic products for cleaning purposes.


It is always better to maintain the septic system by following a few tested tips shared above. That’s because a faulty septic system costs you many extra bucks. And it also affects the overall value of the property. 

 Therefore, using water properly and not disposing of harmful wastage into the drain field can help you to increase the functioning of your septic system.  

By following the above tips, you can have better septic winter ahead!

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