Septic Christmas Tips


The holiday is upon us! It is time to open gifts, eat together at the table, and exchange meaningful conversation. We sometimes forget about the septic tank and its plumbing during the commotion. Here’s a few tips to avoid pump disasters during the holidays and to prevent a septic emergency.

Maintenance during the winter season

Assuming you observe septic systems not working correctly before Christmas, immediately contact septic maintenance. These professionals will remove any lagging or hindrances in the way for smooth plumbing and processing. The septic maintenance worker will eliminate any significant factors to prevent holiday disasters. You have already spent a fortune on holiday shopping; best prevent spending on plumbing disaster.

Remember, performing a septic pump out in the winter is very expensive. Digging through a frozen ground is not easy, assuming repairs are needed underneath the ground before Christmas. If you fear septic tank giving out, continue pumping it regularly to maintain it operational. You can also schedule a maintenance review with the service provider to ensure a joyful Christmas.

Reduce water wastage

You are going to invite over guests and family members over Christmas. It is time to get together and meet with everyone. Therefore, finish household tasks such as dishwashing, food preparation, and bathing. Minimize water consumption throughout the time the guests are staying. You can also use plastic wear, and disposable utensils are another helpful water-saving strategy during the holidays.

The disposable utensils will eliminate rinsing and water use. Your guests will simply munch on the delicious food without the septic pump out. Furthermore, you can also talk to the guests and educate them regarding how the septic pump works. No doubt it will be an awkward conversation, but at least the guests won’t flush weird things down the toilets.

Assuming you have asked the guests to stay over, do inform the consequences of using the dishwasher, laundry, and showering at the same time. Inform them not to flush sanitary products such as wipes, feminine products, and wipes. If you are an introvert and simply don’t wish to engage in the topic, leave signs in the bathroom so the guests can follow along accordingly.

Familiarize with the drain field

Monitor the draining field in the septic tank. It is the most integral part of the whole system. You need to know about its use and placement to prevent clogged-up plumbing. Ask the guests not to park near over the drain, or it will clog the internal plumbing. Remember to not plant a bush or a tree near the drain either. Over time, the branches may branch out where the roots contact the septic pump.

Do not kill the helpful organisms.

We don’t blame you for making the place spotless during Christmas. However, using concentrated chemicals can significantly deter water quality by killing helpful bacteria. These contaminants are primarily present in detergents used to unclog sinks and toilets.

Another common cause is using excessive amounts of bleach. It will also worsen the function of the septic tank. Call the septic maintenance representative for better advice regarding which detergents to use. They will advise you which chemicals combination to stay away from.

Avoid using garbage disposal.

Use the garbage disposal minimally possible during the Christmas holidays. You can advise the guests not to use it or simply unplug it if that is possible. There will be excessive garbage with so many people in the house. We suggest informing the guests where the garbage and composting bins are so they can get rid of the waste accordingly.

Celebrate Christmas without plumping disasters

Do not overestimate the capacity of internal plumping when the holiday season is near. Overburdening the plumbing with unnecessary waste will most definitely ruin the celebrations. Guide the guests toward proper garbage disposal or ring septic maintenance if necessary.

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