Does your septic tank need a pump out?

Septic Tank Pump Out
Septic Tank Pump Out

Do you have a septic tank? If so, are you sure that it is working properly? Septic tanks can easily get clogged up and need to be pumped out every few years. You may have thought it would be an easy job to do on your own; but it’s not! A pump out is needed when the solids are too heavy for gravity to keep in suspension. It can also happen when there is not enough water within the solids to create even circulation during the digestion process. Consequently this creates sludge and scum to build at the bottom of the tank.  Hence needing to be cleaned by hand or with a filtering system. The cleaning removes these substances from entering fresh the water supplies. 

Here are some signs to be aware so that you can know when it’s time for a pump out. 

Sign #1

The first and maybe most obvious sign your septic needs a pump out is if it produces a smelly odor. Signs that your septic tank might need a pump out include odors coming from the drain field and bad smells emanating from the toilet or sink. 

Sign #2

A second sign would be noise. Noise occurs in your pipes when waste is not flowing properly due to solidification waste or damage to the pipes themselves. When the flow of water or waste is forced to change its usual course, you can expect sounds to come from your pipes that sound like either bubbling or gurgling noises. 

Sign #3

Lastly the most common sign a septic tank needs to be serviced or pumped out is slow drainage. Since your septic tank is connected to the entire community of pipes that run throughout your home. Therefore, when it needs a pump out you will notice that a majority if not all your drains will start to slow down and even create standing bodies of water where it is usually dispensed. You might experience this in the bathroom toilet, kitchen sink or shower. All the more reason to get your septic checked and pumped regularly!

Now that you are an expert; you’ll know exactly what to look for if when your septic tank needs a pump out!

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