Methane Gas & Septic Tank Dangers

You might not know this, but your septic tank is filled with methane gas. Yes- GAS! This natural byproduct of decomposing organic matter has been used for centuries as a fuel source.  It was even the preferred energy source in some parts of the world. Methane is created by bacteria feeding on organic material in the water.  

The Dangers Of Methane Gas

Methane gas is highly flammable and can be ignited with a simple spark of a match. Many homes have gas ovens with open flames. If methane gas was to flow out through your kitchen drains and linger in the air, the possibility of a fire is just a spark away.

Not only is methane gas flammable, but extremely detrimental to your health if ingested. Someone who inhales methane may experience asphyxiation: the process of which one is deprived of oxygen. This can result in someone passing out as they can continue to inhale the toxic gas which can ultimately be fatal.

Safety Precautions

The safest solution is to check your tank is to cover up the opening of the tank with something like a screen or chicken wire so no animals or humans can fall in. However, the best solution is to get professional help because there are several factors involved that can lead to serious health issues that could end up being fatal.

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