How can it possibly be summer already? Time flies when you’re having fun! With warmer weather there are a few things that every homeowner should in order to keep their Septic System in tip-top shape!

Here’s a few tips ensure you’re septic system is ready for summer!

1.) Keep an eye on your water usage

Try not to use too much water during peak hours (afternoon). A great way to do this is to limit showers. Remember that the water doesn’t just go down the drain! In Fact, most of it goes into your tank and then into the ground around your system. Which can affect your system!

2.) Avoid Using Anti-Bacterial Soap

Avoid using antibacterial soaps as they can damage the healthy bacteria inside your tank and affect how well it works.  

3.) Check for running water

A running toilet can cause big problems! One useful hack to check a running toilet for leaks is to add food coloring.  If the color appears in the toilet bowl after 30 minutes you’ve got a leak that needs repair.

4.) Don’t flush toilet paper flushable wipes

Keep in mind your septic system is not designed to handle toilet paper or flushable wipes. It’s hard to resist that habit when it comes so natural to dispose of these item with a simple flush! But unfortunately it will put pressure on the system and could cause backups.

5.) Avoid using harsh household chemicals

Common household products with disinfectants and other harmful chemicals affect septic systems. This includes pine-scented cleaners, chlorine bleach, rug cleaners and floor wax. Use of these household cleaners should be minimized and always avoid disposing them in your septic system.

6.) Minimize use of your AC

In the summertime with outside temperatures scorching hot we all want to be in the AC as much as possible. Unfortunately, this can be hard on your septic system especially if you’re running the AC too often. While we all know air conditioning is necessary. What you probably didn’t know is that it can be bad for your septic system.  The main reason is because bacteria in the tank needs oxygen to break down waste and without enough of it they die off. What does this mean? It means septic system will lose any chances of a successful digestion process. Without the digestion process more serious issues occur like sewage backing up into your home. Inevitably causing large repair bills! So run your fan more keep your windows draped. The thicker the better so that less heat will break through!

7.) Minimize use of your AC

Lastly, one of the best ways to maintain your septic system is by using an all-natural maintenance product.  Using maintenance products once a month to add healthy enzymes and bacteria to your septic system will keep it working like new! Take advantage of our weekly special for a 2.5 year supply of Maxx’s Products’s Septic Treatment Click >>HERE << Apply Coupon Code SUMMERMAXX25 At Checkout To Redeem! (Valid 6/10/21)

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