Benefits Of Natural Drain Cleaner

There are three great reasons to use natural drain cleaner:

Safe for all members of the family
Fumes from cleaning products like bleach or ammonia contain harsh solvents such as methylene chloride. These solvents have been linked to certain types of cancers when exposed over prolonged periods of time. Because of this, these types of cleaners should always be avoided by homeowners.

Parents should be vigilant about which products contain harmful chemicals found in drain cleaners to ensure their children are never exposed accidentally. Pet Owners should also use caution as it is not uncommon for pets especially dogs and cats to accidentally ingest household maintenance products. Products which can have moderate to fatal effects on their health. Homeowners can avoid these worries by strictly using all-natural cleaners.

Non-corrosive to your pipes
The harsh chemicals found in certain drain cleaners can corrode and eat away at your pipes. Prolonged use of these types of cleaners is not a good solution to the problem. In fact, it might even make the situation worse by causing more corrosion over time. If you have an older home, harsh cleaning chemicals found in most drain cleaners can cause serious damage to plumbing systems.  This is especially true when it comes to older homes using metal tubing like copper or galvanized steel.  The use of these acidic substances can end up costing homeowners a fortune to replace and repair.

They are eco friendly
It is a well known fact that the chemicals found in most household products are damaging to the environment.  What’s more, much of these chemicals can remain-present long after water treatment systems are used.  They do not break down as quickly and easily as natural drain cleaners do so when leaks occur, the toxins enter the local ecosystem.

How to be a safe and stress-free homeowner 

Maxx’s Products Drain Buzz is the safest and most effective way to maintain your plumbing. It is completely safe and 100% all natural!  So it’s safe for the environment, non-corrosive to your pipes and most importantly safe for use around your children and pets.  Best of all you only need to use it once a month, which saves you time and money! Join thousands of other smart homeowners already using Maxx’s Products Drain Buzz in their home today!

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