Septic systems are a godsend

…when it comes to disposing of human waste. Septic Systems rely heavily on healthy bacteria that breaks down the waste in preparation for settling and dispersal into soil. This is so anything harmful or toxic can be particularly damaging. You don’t want harsh anti-bacterial soap impacting this natural bacterial action! 

The Trade-Off

Using antibacterial soap also kills the bacteria in your septic system. Without aerobic and anaerobic bacterial colonies, solid wastes have nowhere to break down or go. This can lead to major problems for homeowners with septic systems who use too much of the wrong kind of soap.

The use (or overuse) of antibacterial soaps causes issues for homeowners with septic tanks. When people use these soaps, they don’t realize that it might be deadly. This is because without aerobic or anaerobic bacteria alive inside the tank, solids won’t get broken down properly. Instead they’ll stick around and create bad smells or costly backups until you add healthy bacteria into the system. 

So what is a home owner like yourself supposed to do?

Stop using soap? Of course not! Well luckily for you Maxx’s Products’s Septic Treatments undo the damage that has been done by antibacterial soaps. This way you can replenish your septic system of the natural bacteria that your soap kills every time you shower or wash your hands. You won’t have to change your way of life when you use Maxx’s Products Septic Treatment! Click Here To Purchase The #1 Most Used Septic Treatment In The USA Today!

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