After being a part of the septic tank industry for many years, we are familiar with a wide range of problems that arise due to septic system failure. One of the most common septic problems is clogged toilets and drains. Fortunately, this all too common problem is usually fixed with a simple solution, using a special tool we all know as the plunger. Simply purchasing a plunger is not enough, it’s important to take the right steps to unclog your drain or toilet. To take care of a toilet that refuses to flush, keep these simple tips in mind:

  • Use a good plunger. Investing in a good plunger is worth the money as they will last you quite a few years and many pumps in your clogged drains and toilets. Best of all, high quality plungers are relatively inexpensive. Basic model plungers will cost anywhere from $5 to $15. Purchasing a plunger with a price tag higher than this cost will usually be for strictly decorative reasons, instead of better functionality. A useful plunger is one that has a strong seal on your drain or toilet. Decorative plungers, while optional, are not necessary.
  • Use the right plumber submersion techniques. Remove the lid of your toilet tank before plunging. Removing the tank allows you to grab the trip lever, should your toilet begin to overflow during plunging. This stops water from overflowing onto the floor. For an unclogging with the best results, fill the plunger up with water and then plush down on the plunger. This should send a jet of water into the toilet pipe to unclog whatever solid is blocking it. If you have trouble filling up the plunger, try tilting the plunger when inserting until you hear the “glug” sound of water. There are some plungers that use air rather than water to dislodge blockages, so be sure to know which type of plunger you are using.

Plungers usually resolve clogs in drains and toilets within a few pumps. If the clog persists or worsens, contact a plumber to inspect the clog and determine the best possible solution.

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