Just have your septic tank pumped?

If you are reading this, you have probably just pumped your septic tank. Congratulations! You are on the right track to keeping things running smoothly and saving money in the long run. But there is a lot more to the process than meets the eye. Read on for some helpful advice about how to take care of your home’s sewage system after pumping it out.

Helpful Tips & Tricks

1) Do not flush anything else down the toilet until 24 hours have passed. This includes wipes, diapers, feminine products, cotton balls or pads, or anything that might cause blockages later.

2) Run water from all sinks and tubs for at least one minute before using them again; any remaining solids will be flushed away with fresh water instead of clogging up your pipes.

3) Make sure the lid is securely back on the top of the tank. The last thing you want is for someone or something to knock off the lid and release all those yucky contents into an unsuspecting environment!  

4) Keep kids and pets out of any area where there might be standing water. Standing water could mean that there’s raw sewage close by, which can lead to illness if ingested or touched with bare skin. 

Most homeowners waste their pump outs by continuing to flush harmful chemicals and products in their septic system, which almost defeats the purpose of getting a pump out in the 1st place. However, by following these steps your septic system will operate better than ever and you will not need to get pump outs as frequently which ends up saving you hundreds of dollars over the years!

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