Your septic tank is designed to hold all of your household waste that is flushed or poured down the drains in your house. This includes feces, urine, grease, oils, fats, and much more. All of these various elements settle at the bottom of your septic tank as the wastewater flows out into the drainfield. These contents will mix into a sludge and remain in your septic tank until it is pumped. Regular pumping will ensure that these contents do not remain in your system too long.

If you do not follow proper septic tank maintenance guidelines, such as regular pumping, you can expect for your sludge to continue to build. Every time you flush the toilet and scrub your pots, all of the contents continue to flow through your drainage and accumulate. This can cause your septic system to become backed up and create many health risks. Methane gas is naturally produced by septic sludge while nitrate is a byproduct of a failing septic system. These fumes can be released back into your home through toilets, pipes, and drains, putting your family in serious danger.

Methane Gas

Methane gas is highly flammable and can be ignited with a simple spark of a match. Many homes have gas ovens with open flames. If methane gas was to flow out through your kitchen drains and linger in the air, the possibility of a fire is just a spark away.

Not only is methane gas flammable, but extremely detrimental to your health if ingested. Someone who inhales methane may experience asphyxiation: the process of which one is deprived of oxygen. This can result in someone passing out as they can continue to inhale the toxic gas which can ultimately be fatal.

Hydrogen Sulfide Gas

While the majority of septic fumes are made up of methane, hydrogen sulfide is one of the most common gasses in your septic tank. Faulty sink drains, broken seals around the toilet, and vent pipe leaks all serve as avenues for hydrogen sulfide gas to be released into your home.

Low levels of sulfide gas can result in eye irritation. As the levels increase, one can experience eye damage and paralysis in the sense of smell. Respiratory depression can be expected in extreme conditions which can become fatal.

Regular septic system maintenance can keep these toxic fumes from invading your home and affecting your loved ones. To help promote a healthy and properly functioning septic system, you may want to consider a septic tank additive. Drain Buzz is a highly efficient septic tank additive from Maxx’s Products that can degrade grease and soap from pipe lines that cause blockages and foul odors. Check out our full line-up of premium septic tank products and place your order today!