The Consequences of Infrequent Septic Tank Pumping

In the past it was considered a luxury to have your own septic tank. This no longer the case as more and more homeowners are opting for septic tanks over traditional sewage systems. However, many people don’t realize that they need to regular maintenance. This includes pumping the septic tank to ensure it continues working efficiently.

septic tank pump
septic tank pump

Did you know?

  • The EPA estimates that over 3 million homes have malfunctioning or non-functioning septic systems in the U.S.
  • Currently only 15% of people who have septic tanks know how to pump them.  Which is putting our environment at risk for problems like flooding when there are heavy rains.

What happens when you don’t pump out your septic tank?

Without regular maintenance sludge can build up, creating an environment where harmful bacteria thrive. Moreover causing them to leak into water tables and nearby streams when not properly addressed. Therefore, one of the most important parts of owning a home with a septic tank is making sure your septic system is in good working order. That means you have to pump it every few years to keep everything flowing smoothly. It’s not hard, but many people don’t bother with this step because they think their septic tank will just take care of itself. 

The ugly truth

By neglecting proper septic maintenance; you could end up costing yourself thousands in repairs or replacements down the road! The common misconception is that when you pour chemicals down your drain they will always be removed by the sewage treatment plant. When in fact only a small percent of solutions can be filtered out and processed at the wastewater treatment plants. This means that septic systems must have bacteria in them to break down waste into simpler compounds so they can then be released into the soil. If your tank is not pumped regularly solid material will accumulate on top of each other until there is no room left.  Meaning no more solids can enter or exit and an overflow occurs.

Here’s how you can save!

So if you’re looking for a way to save money on your property taxes and decrease risk of costly repairs- pump that septic tank! Another great way to maintain your septic system is to regularly use our Maxx’s Products’s Septic Treatment or our Trillion Tablets Septic Treatment which both safe and biodegradable!  These products are the strongest septic maintenance additive on the market today!

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