Do you know how a septic system works?

Septic System

It’s actually pretty interesting how a septic system works. Let’s break it down for you!

Here’s how it works

There are two tanks. One tank is to store sewage and the other to store wastewater that come from your house, as well as water from your yard. The tank that stores wastewater is called a leach field. In some places this field is underground. However, it can also be above ground or even at ground level. Separating the leach field and the tank is the filter and distribution box. The filter is usually located at the end of the septic tank. This filter helps trap small particles of suspended soil and matter that are not caught in the part of the tank where most of the homes waste is located. The distribution box can be found between the filter and drain field. This part separates the waste evenly throughout the drain field. Therefore, one section of the field isn’t overworked compared to the others.

At the end of the leach field are small holes that can be found along the side or bottom of the lines. The wastewater that is held in the tank by the systems filter finds its way to the drain field where it LEACHES into the surrounding terrain which is usually gravel sand or soil. 

Septic Systems

If you can believe it, Septic systems have been around since the 1800’s!  The best way to make sure they didn’t overfill and break was to throw yeast or roadkill into the septic. Hence letting the natural bacteria break down the waste. However, nowadays the septic bacteria has evolved and therefore septic treatments. At Maxx’s Products we have a great special with our 12-month supply Maxx’s Products Septic Treatment  click here to take advantage and act now!

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