Spring has arrived, now here comes the rain again! 

If you’re a septic system owner, you might be wondering if there’s anything to worry about. The answer is yes! As the ground begins to thaw in springtime, water tables can rise. This will lead to your septic tank filling up with more water than usual. To avoid this problem, make sure that your family uses less water during this time of year.

You don’t want to have a sewage backup on your hands – or worse yet, an overflow of raw sewage into your yard or garden! Luckily, we’ve got four tips for keeping your septic system in tip-top shape this spring season so it doesn’t become overwhelmed by all the moisture in the air and soil around it.

downspouts sprinklers sump pump

Here are 4 Tips to get you through those spring showers!

1) Keep downspouts away from your septic tank

2) Make sure sprinklers do not hit or spray near your tank

3) Install a sump pump if needed to keep water levels low enough to avoid flooding into the house during heavy rains or snow melt events (or both)

4) During the springtime reduce the amount of water use in the house.  These simple steps will help protect against costly repairs later when things start getting really wet outside!

For regular care and maintenance stay septic safe with Maxx’s Products’s Septic Treatment today and protect your septic system all the way through spring!