Due to the delicate nature of a septic system, regular maintenance is vital. These systems must be professionally cleaned at regular intervals to avoid costly repairs. Most homeowners who purchase homes with septic tanks or have one installed forget about their septic systems shortly afterward. Unfortunately, the majority of the time they do remember their septic tanks is after an issue is discovered that is costly to repair. Warning signs of a dire septic issue may be foul odors coming from the basement or near the septic tank, and clogged pipes. Septic tank owners could possibly spend thousands of dollars on repairs on an issue that could have been prevented by a simple toilet flush.


A low one-time payment can be the difference between a healthy system and one that needs extreme repair. Maxx’s Products is a product that promotes a healthy septic system and is the number one septic tank additive on the market. By flushing two biodegradable tablets a month, septic system owners can drastically improve the productivity of their septic system. Just one package comes with 60 tablets which equates to over 2 years of treatment.

Septic tank build-up occurs naturally. It is not rare for sludge to accumulate around outlets and slow the water flow. Homeowners will likely see the effects of this in the form of clogged drains or a reversal in water flow in extreme cases. This is when one should consider an efficient drain line cleaner. Drain Buzz is an all-natural drain line cleaner that degrades grease, soap, and other materials responsible for pipe blockages. A complete package consists of six 28-ounce bottles of drain cleaner. Simply pour the solution down the sink or shower drains for a clear, healthy septic system.


Septic tanks are required to be pumped out to ensure their health and longevity. For this to occur, the plumber must dig up the system and pump out all the sludge. Even though this is a necessary process, it is not all beneficial. When a septic tank is pumped, it is completely depleted of all contents. This includes the bacteria necessary to break down septic tank contents. Eliminate septic system issues before they become damaging. Start giving your septic system the attention it needs. Contact us today at (800) 397-2384 to discover how you can get a free trial.