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Treatment For Septic Systems: How To Use Septic Tank System Treatment

Treatment For Septic Systems is designed to keep your septic tank clean and in good condition. This also reduces the number of times you will need to pump out your tank.

  • Choose a septic tank treatment – Avoid treatments that use harmful chemicals or simply act as deodorizers for your septic tank system. Instead, choose a septic tank treatment that is made of all-organic material and contains all-natural active bacteria and enzymes that are needed to convert waste into water and carbon dioxide.
  • Read instructions carefully – Make sure that you read the instructions on the package very carefully. Most importantly, you will need to use the correct amount of the treatment in your system to get the best results.
  • Clean and rinse toilet thoroughly – Make sure that the toilet bowl is clean and free from any chemicals that may interact with the active bacteria and enzymes in treatment mix.