Preserve Your Septic System With Our Protection Plan

Dangerous Chemicals on Toilets and Sinks

Strong and harmful chemicals are bad enemies of your septic system particularly the ones that you pour down the toilet and sink. Make sure you avoid hazardous chemicals in your home such as sink cleaners, drain cleaners, floor cleaners, paints, solvents, motor oil, pesticides, and antifreeze products. Wrong disposal of your wastewater could also hurt and damage your septic system.

A fully damaged septic system results in hazardous domestic wastes that could reach the groundwater because the utility is not functioning well. Domestic wastewater usually contains phosphates and nitrates that result in extreme growth of algae in bodies of water such as streams and lakes. On top of the aesthetic problems, algal blooms could also damage the aquatic life thus, connecting your septic system to ecological problems.

Septic systems are important utilities that function for the convenience in residential and commercial properties. Hire Maxx’s Products for comprehensive septic maintenance and treatment!