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Septic Tank Treatment: Benefits Of Septic Tank Cleaning

Despite your hectic schedule, find the time to take notice of one of the most often neglected parts of the house: the septic tank. Regular Septic Tank Treatment and cleaning is the key to a functioning septic system.

  • It extends the life of the septic tank – By removing the solids from the wastewater regularly, you are protecting the soil absorption area from becoming clogged. When it becomes clogged, the septic system could fail and the wastewater could back up into your yard or your home.
  • Increased overall effectiveness – Not only will your septic system last longer, regular cleaning also improves performance. Having the septic tank pumped, and then avoiding use of the septic system, allows the tank and absorption area to dry out. The entire plumbing system benefits from the rest and any partially decomposed waste will fully break down in the absence of water.