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Septic Tank Replacement – Are You Ready for a Costly Investment?

The total cost of the septic tank replacement actually depends on the product and the service provider that does the job. In general, the cost of a new septic system depending on the installed system type could range between $5,000 and $10,000 in terms of the gravity fed drain fields with a typical cost of $7,500. The mounds could cost up to $50,000 while the average ATUs cost $12,500.

You need to consider a septic tank replacement if the useful life of the product is already beyond its limit. The number of years for the usage of the septic tank plays a crucial role in its lifespan and overall function. The length of the septic tank’s top condition may depend on how you properly use your septic system.

Replacing your septic tank and system is absolutely more expensive than repairing it. Send us a message at Maxx’s Products now for more information!