• Reduce sludge
  • Reduce odors
  • Improve effluent
  • Fast start-up

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Tan color, free-flowing granular powder
250g water-soluble packages; 10kg plastic pail
Max. loss of 1 log/yr
6.0 – 8.5
Bulk Density
0.5 – 0.61g/cm3
Moisture Content 15%
Nutrient Content Biological nutrients and stimulants
Bacteria Count 5 billion per gram
Storage DO NOT FREEZE! Store in a dry location. Do not inhale dusts. Avoid excessive skin contact. See MSDS


Introduction — A Southern Ontario vegetable processor utilizes two separate lagoon systems to handle the process water from the plant. One lagoon system recycles the water through the plant for a washing operation and then dumps into the other lagoon for clean up. The other is a once-through lagoon system that contains significant amounts of vegetable matter, which is then discharged to surface water.

The lagoons are aerated in all areas, but due to the organic loading in the water there are significant odours coming from the ponds. The odours are bad enough to cause complaints from staff working in the area and from the surrounding community.

Treatment — The lagoons were treated with BCP60 and STIMULUS to help lower the BOD levels and eliminate the smell. The BOD loading was reduced by almost 98% to a level of 10 ppm in one lagoon in about a week. The other lagoon showed better than 50% reduction in the same time period.

Results — The odours were eliminated within 2 days and remained so for the remainder of the treatment period (summer and fall).

Lagoon Systems —

• Facultative systems — application rate is based
on the lagoon surface area:

Day 1-3 20 kg/10,000m2/day
Day 4+ 2 kg/10,000m2/day

• Facultative systems — application rate is based
on the lagoon surface area:

<200,000 L 1 kg –2x/week/10,000L
>200,000 L 0.5 kg –1x/day/10,000L

• Lagoons in cold climates — commence programwhen the water temperature is at least 500F(110C)

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