BCP35M degrades petroleum products in a marine environment

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Tan color free-flowing granular powder
250g water-soluble pouches; 10kg plastic pail
Max. loss of 1 log/yr
6.0 – 8.5
Bulk Density
0.5 – 0.61 g/cm3
Moisture Content 15%
Nutrient Content
Biological nutrients and stimulants
Bacteria Count 5 billion per gram
Storage DO NOT FREEZE! Store in a cool dry location. Do not inhale dusts. Avoid excessive skin contact. See MSDSUse in petroleum refinery applications


  • Enhance BOD and COD removal, while improving sludge settlement;
  • Remove oil deposits and prevent scum formation in holding tanks, sewers, drains and aeration basins;
  • Accelerate breakdown of unpleasant odours associated with handling oily wastes.

BCP35M contains aerobic and facultative anaerobic microorganisms to provide greater resistance to the effects of organic inhibitors present in wastewaters with a high salt content.

BCP35M contains Rhamnolipids that greatly increase the biological decomposition of the hydrocarbon by separating the contaminant into smaller droplets. This allows for improved bioavailability for our proprietary bacteria, which have been specifically developed to digest hydrocarbons aggressively. Rhamnolipids are also known to support naturally occurring in situ bacteria digestion and degradation.


Treatment Plants —

Up to 0.5 L/sec0.5kg/day for 3 days1.0 kg/weekUp to 2 L/sec5 kg*1.5 kg/weekUp to 5 L/sec8 kg*2.0 kg/weekUp to 25 L/sec15 kg*0.25 kg/dayUp to 50 L/sec25 kg*0.5 kg/dayUp to 100 L/sec50 kg*1.0 kg/dayUp to 500 L/sec50 kg/100 L/sec*1 kg/100 L/sec/dayUp to 1,200 L/sec50 kg/100 L/sec*0.75 kg/100 L/sec/dayUp to 10,000 L/sec30 kg/100 L/sec*0.5 kg/100 L/sec/day

Flow Rate Up to 0.1 L/sec
Initial Dosage 0.5kg/day for 3 days
Maintenance** 0.5 kg/week

*Spread this initial dosage out over the course of 10 days.

** Add as regularly as possible. If one day is missed, double the daily dosage the next day.

Dosage rates will vary with flow rates, retention times and system variations. The rates above are for a typical, well-maintained system.

Activated Sludge Systems — Activated Sludge Systems include various process flow sheets: e.g. extended aeration, contact stabilization, step aeration, oxygen activated sludge.

The application rate for all products is based on the average daily flow rate to the aeration basin, excluding the return sludge stream.

Trickling Filter and Rotating Biological Contactors — The application rate for all products is based on the average daily flow rate to the filter or contactor, excluding any recirculating process stream.

Lagoon Systems —

• Aerated systems — application rate is based on the average flow rate to the lagoon.
• Facultative systems — application rate is based on the lagoon surface area:

Day 1-5 20 kg/10,000m2/day
Day 6+ 2 kg/10,000m2/week

• Lagoons in cold climates — commence program when the water temperature is at least 110C (500F).

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