Failed septic systems are on the rise as they’re a major cause of contaminated drinking water, tainted shellfish beds, and polluted beaches. The Title 5 inspection plays a key role in protecting the community from public health threats by requiring inspection of private sewage disposal systems before the expansion, change, or sale of properties where they are present. More often than not, most will pass the inspection. However, if you are one of the few who doesn’t, you have two years to repair or upgrade your system. If you have any plans to update, change, or sell your home that has a septic tank, you must pass the Title 5 inspection. Below are a few tips to help you pass your inspection.

If you need to hire a system inspector, remember there are two important things to consider. First, pricing per inspection is not regulated by the DEP (Department of Environmental Protection), so inspectors can charge a price of their choosing depending on the complexity of the work.

Second, only a select group of professionals are qualified to perform the Title 5 system inspections:

  • They meet the necessary experience requirements and passed the MassDEP-administered exam
  • They are Registered Sanitarians
  • They are Certified Health Officers
  • They are Registered Professional Civil, Environmental, or Sanitary Engineers

If you’re looking for a list of certified inspectors in your area, reach out to your local board of health. Before you make your final decision, be sure to shop around. When you’ve narrowed down your list of inspectors, here are a list of things to do:

  • Get written estimates from several inspectors to compare costs.
  • Check the inspector’s certifications, identifications, and references.
  • When you’re at the stage of signing a contract, make sure the contract describes each of the services that will be performed in detail, including cost per service, payment terms, and any guarantees the inspector is providing.
  • Make sure the person who signs the contract is the exact person who is performing the inspection.

If you follow these simple tips, it should help make getting your Title 5 inspection a little less stressful. For proper maintenance of your septic system, contact Maxx’s Products today. With years of experience and trusted products, we will keep your septic system clean and function properly for years to come. Call now at 800-397-2384 to speak with one of our septic system specialists and receive a free 30-day trial.

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