Septic systems are an important part of managing waste and plumbing through your home. While your septic tank may be placed underground, it still faces the danger of being penetrated by the roots of nearby plants and bushes. The pipes that connect the Septic System to your home have various openings, and tree roots will crawl into these holes and clog the the pipes for your system.

When deciding where to install your septic system, it is important to know what nearby plants may cause harm to your tank. Likewise, if you are planning on planting trees or bushes near your septic system, it is important to know which of them run the risk of growing aggressively and breaking your septic system.

Willow Trees

As a general rule thumb, it is safe to assume that most trees are risky to plant near your septic system. That being said, some trees are more aggressive than others. Larger trees such as Willows are on the constant look out for moisture. Many septic tanks are only covered by two feet of soil, which is nothing to the roots of a Willow. Its roots may easily break into and damage your septic tank.

Trees that Produce Fruit

When a tree root penetrates your septic tank, it absorbs the nutrients from the water inside the septic system. As a result, the root will also absorb the chemicals from that water. Not only could you be facing thousands of dollars in repairs, but the tree will be producing fruit that is unsafe to eat.

Japanese Willow Shrubs

Trees are not the only plants that may bring septic system issues. Much like their older, more well-known tree version, Willow Shrubs are also fast growing plants. They prefer moist soil and, as a result, even if they are not directly above your septic system, the mass of shrubs may gravitate towards the area and reach for the water inside the septic tank.

Maple Trees

Maple Trees have two important factors working against them, not only will they aggressively reach for water sources like willows, but they also produce, well, maple. When a Maple Tree’s roots break into your Septic System, you are faced with not only the damages to your tank, but a poor batch of Maple Syrup for the fall season.

Older Trees

When installing a new septic system, it is important to consider if any relatively older trees are nearby. Older trees are an issue because of how far they’ve grown over the years. Their roots will cause far more damage than any young tree due to their strength and thickness, and may cost more to take down if they are interfering with your septic tank.

If you must plant something on or around your septic system, it is highly recommended to plant smaller bushes or flowers. While there are smaller trees that may be safer to put by your septic tank, it is better to be safe than sorry. If you are still facing septic problems, it may not be plantlife that is causing the issue. Try one of our Maxx’s Products septic system cleaning products, it may save you thousands in septic repairs.

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