Many of us don’t think about our septic systems until something goes wrong. Maybe the water is bubbling back out of the drain, maybe water isn’t coming out anywhere at all, or maybe there’s just an awful smell around your house. It can be easy to lose track of maintaining your septic system, and when left unchecked, a number of materials may start clogging the your pipes, that clogging may cause your septic system to overflow. Before trying to dig out the septic system yourself, or hiring a septic tank company to do it for you, try to determine if any of these following substances in your septic tank are why the overflow is happening.


Most of us know that plants gain nutrition from sunlight and water. The water is typically absorbed by the roots, most of which are underground. The roots don’t wait for the water to come either, they grow towards the nearest water source. If you have any large trees or bushes planted nearby your septic tank, there’s a good chance that roots from those plants may have penetrated your pipes, or the septic tank itself, causing a blockage.

Overuse of Appliances

In our busy lives, it can be easy to get caught up in how much we take our appliances for granted. Using our dishwashers, washing machines, and other water heavy items on a daily basis can cause your septic system to get backed up as there is more water and waste coming into the septic tank than it can drain out. Sometimes, simply being more conservative with how often we wash our items, or changing our daily habits, can be enough to help prevent overflow for your septic system.

Poor Pumping

Most experts recommend having your septic system professionally pumped every one or two years. Without this pumping, stubborn material can build up in your pipes, preventing your septic system from transferring waste from your house to the leach fields as well as it should. If you want to prevent this waste from building up, septic tank cleaning products are an efficient way of cleaning out any hardy waste that could be causing septic system overflow. Maxx’s Products will help  establish a healthy bacteria balance in your septic tank, reducing the risk of clogging. This will not only help your septic system, but can help the environment as well. Contact us today for more information!

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