Considering that water from your toilet accounts for a large portion of the daily water usage in your home, it makes sense that you would want to cut down on utility bills and save water in your bathroom at the same time. As a result of this industry professionals introduced the low flow toilet, design to use less water, and save more money. While low flow toilets have had a bad reputation in the past, the modern version may work very well in your bathroom. Here’s what you need to know:

What is a low flow toilet?

Many toilets installed in the 90’s or before were known to waste a lot of water, up to 20 gallons daily in an average home. Low-flow toilets were designed to use half this amount, only 1.6 gallons per flush. The development was introduced not only with the incorporation of less water in the tanks, but also with better designed toilets that could function with less water. Modern low flow toilets have adapted to this design, which flush waste even when there’s minimal water.

What are the improvements of modern low flow toilets?

Previous generation low flow toilets were known for being difficult to use, as their design flaws rendered the small amount of water insufficient for gravity to complete a flush. Modern day low flow toilets have improved their designs significantly, with some models using air pressure to make up for less water, or electricity to give momentum to the flushing strength.

Can low flow toilets work for me?

A low flow toilet can work for different families and households, but your home should have the proper plumbing to accommodate it. For instance, you should have a slight slope on the pipes that drain from your toilet, usually between one eight to one quarter of an inch. Fortunately many home toilets can accommodate this requirement.

What are the benefits?

Low flow toilets can save you money on water usage every month, as well as conserve clean water. Not only will you be cutting costs, but you will also be doing something good for the environment.

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