Over time, just about any septic system requires some maintenance. This is because as homeowners continue to flush their toilets, take showers, and pour things down their drains, things like grease, oil, fat, and heavy solids will accumulate in their septic tanks. Normally, the bacteria that naturally grows in your septic tank will break up the solids and decompose the waste. However, sometimes the bacteria in your tank can be thrown out of balance or simply overwhelmed by the amount of waste and solids. A septic additive can help regulate the bacteria in your tank, jump start bacterial growth, and clean out your septic system.

What Are Septic Additives?

The biological activity in a septic tank can be taken out of balance for many reasons including, an excessive and sudden amount of water being introduced, high concentrations of laundry detergents, or many other chemicals. Biological septic tank additives are typically made from natural bacteria that are already (to some degree) present in your septic tank. These bacteria may include yeast which will help promote bacterial growth in case too much bacteria was killed off when the tank’s balance was altered.

When Should They Be Used?

The best thing to do is to use septic tank additives as part of your regular septic tank maintenance routine. This way, you can help prevent problems before they occur by ensuring the bacterial balance in your septic tank is always at the optimal point. Many individuals choose to use septic tank additives on a monthly, or even weekly, basis. By routinely using these additives, not only will they function as starter agents of bacterial growth when they are first added, but they will also function as a way of increasing the rate of decomposition of large solids and as effective long-term growth regulators.

The key to maintaining your septic system is preventing the accumulation of organic build-up in your septic tank and drainfield. If you leave your system neglected, you will most likely find yourself with clogs, backups, and, in the worst case scenario, an overflowing septic tank. That’s why our septic additives are designed to remove and prevent sludge before it becomes a problem. Contact us today for more information or place an order from our shop page.

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