Also called leach fields or leach drains, a drain field is a critical part of any well-functioning septic system. A drain field is used to eliminate and manage waste and impurities which come out of the water released from your septic tank. The drain field is most effective at dealing with organic or biodegradable materials which can be broken down by microbes throughout the area. Drain fields, like any other part of your septic system, require care and maintenance. The first step to providing those is learning more about how it works.

Drain Field Arrangement

The arrangement of a drain field is very simple. Typically, a drain field is a system of downward sloped pipes with holes cut in them that all originate from the septic tank and spread outward. The pipes typically feature a porous material like gravel and are normally buried underground. The arrangement is designed to prevent wastewater from being ingested by animals and to prevent runoff.

Drain Field Purpose

Without a drain field, septic tanks would simply overflow, create runoff, and cause a bad odor in your yard. This is exactly what happens when a blockage in your drain field pipes causes the wastewater to stop flowing.


The best way to maintain your drain field is through prevention. Make sure never to pour solids down your drains or flush them down your toilet. These solids can become lodged in a drain field pipe and cause a backup.

Also, never pour fats, oils, or grease (FOGs) down your drain. FOGs can, not only clog and damage your interior pipes, but they can also cause a thick crust to form on the top layer of your septic tank, cause septic tank blockages, and, if they get into your drain field, the thick crust can act as a solid and clog a drain field pipe.

If you do experience a problem with your drain field, don’t immediately resort to spending hundreds of dollars in hiring someone to repair it. Instead, try one of our Maxx’s Products septic system cleaning products first. These products can clean your system and break up many blockages. Call us now for more information.

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