Every homeowner encounters a clogged pipe at some point. All too often, materials get stuck in drains and toilets. Common materials such as grease and debris build up in your pipes over time. Many methods of unclogging your pipes exist, but hydrojetting has increased in popularity among professionals.

Hydrojetting uses a high pressure hose with a particular nozzle to blast water through the pipes, removing clogs or build up. Initially, a video inspection is required to find the location of the problem and assess the rest of the pipes to ensure there is no additional damage. A jet of water ranging anywhere from 3,000-8,000 psi is then used to remove the clog or build up. These jets are powerful enough to remove tree roots that have entered sewer lines. A couple of the advantages with hydrojetting include:

  • Saves Money – Initially, hydrojetting costs more than methods such as snaking. Over a period of time, it can save you money. Hydrojetting doesn’t just remove the clog, it blasts any build up along the pipe, clearing it of all debris and residue. This means you will have far less service calls. In addition, hydrojetting is efficient and typically takes less time than other rooter techniques. If a plumber is billing at an hourly rate, you may see huge savings.
  • Environmentally Friendly – When compared to other rooter techniques where they use harsh chemicals to remove any residue or debris, hydrojetting is far more environmentally friendly. Since it’s only component is water, you don’t have to worry about it damaging your septic system or contaminating the soil near your drainfield.
  • Sanitary – With traditional techniques, a plumber is exposed to more sewage for a longer period of time. The extended time increases the possibility of transferring those contaminants to other areas of your home. Hydrojetting is usually not as long and has less contact with sewage.

Hydrojetting is a cost effective alternative to unclogging your drains and pipes, while not damaging the rest of your septic system. To help maintain a healthy septic system we suggest our system additive, Maxx’s Products. Our products are environmentally friendly, help to replenish the essential bacteria found in your septic tank, and aids in removing debris from your drain lines. Contact us today or give us a call today at 800-397-2384 to speak with one of our septic system professionals.

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