Septic tanks require regular maintenance to function properly. At times, using cleaners or our premium products can be a great way to rinse and clean out any unwanted dirt and grime in your septic tank. However, sometimes your tank will require a little TLC when it comes to cleaning out your system.

Conventional methods like mentioned above may help, but they don’t offer a deep cleanse that’s needed to clean out a septic tank; particularly if the problem is your septic field line. There have been varying debates on how to thoroughly clean out septic tanks and lines, but the overwhelming majority of professionals agree that using a hydro jet is your best bet to clean out massive septic problems.

What is a Hydro Jet?

A hydro jet, or hydro jetting, is a system used to clean out dirt, debris, and roots that may be causing serious damage to your septic field lines. Unlike cleaners, a hydro jets is a physical apparatus that pumps out an enormous amount of water with power and force to rid of those pesky, unwanted artifacts causing problems in your septic tank and lines.

What’s the Difference Between a Hydro Jet & Cleaning Products?

The main difference between a hydro jet and other methods is that it’s not meant for private, household septic tanks. The jet is actually made for septic field lines or pipes outside of your home that connects directly into the city.

The reason that they’re exclusively used for field lines is because of their immense power and ability to attack problems at the source. Hydro jetting is a popular option to use, as opposed to replacing septic systems for instance, because they are more affordable and effective than other alternatives.

Why Use a Hydro Jet?

As mentioned above, hydro jets are meant for bigger, more complicated problems in septic field lines, not the tank itself. If you are trying to fix a problem in your septic tank, it may not be a good idea to use a hydro jet, as it may be too powerful and cause damage to your tank.

A hydro jet should only be used to fix massive, septic problems. Oftentimes, your septic tank can be maintained and fixed with one of our SepticMaxx septic system cleaning products, or by hiring a professional to assess the situation. It’s best to leave it to them to decide weather or not using a hydro jet near your home is the best possible solution for your septic tank.

Hydro jets offer a great alternative to solving major septic issues. From rinsing out unwanted debris, to deep-cleaning your entire septic field line, hydro jets are great tools to use. Just make sure you consult with a professional, or contact us by filling out this form, before deciding on what the best solution for your septic problems is.

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