Sometimes, your clogged drain may simply be an individual problem, restricted to one sink or a shower. However, if you find that various drains around your household are clogged or backed up, then it may be a larger issue with connections in your septic system. While there are a variety of options for addressing these problems, two of the most popular are known as Snaking and Hydrojetting.


Snaking is a process most commonly used for individually clogged drains. When a plunger can’t do the trick, the plumber’s snake cable is the next best option. The process requires you to detach the pipes that are connected to your drains, and using a snake cable to clean out whatever may be causing blockage. Sometimes the blockage is in the house plumbing, however, when the drain blockage is found between your house and your septic system, running the snake toward the tank brings a risk of damaging the inside of the tank. This can cause such problems that you may need to replace your septic system, and with the septic tank being one of the more expensive appliances in your household, it is not recommended to go into this with little to no experience.


Hydrojetting is an option where you insert a high-pressure stream of water into the septic field to clear any obstructions. This option is specifically for more serious situations, where the obstructions stop sewage to flow to an entire septic field, resulting in drain issues and clogging throughout the house.

Hydrojetting is a risky process, the strong water force can potentially plug more of the line rather than clean it out. It is highly recommended to hire a professional for this process, and that will run you between $800 to $1200.

The Verdict

While both Snaking and Hydrojetting are viable options for fixing your drainage issues, they are also both intricate techniques that require a steady hand. Prevention is the best medicine, for the cheapest maintenance tank, it is best to use a product that cleans out the substances that cause the clogging in the first place. If you are already facing issues with clogging, Maxx’s Products reduces the buildup of materials, and encourages proper drainage for a smoothly operating system. Purchase one of our Premium Products for smoother cleans.

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