For most homeowners a failing septic system can be difficult, if not impossible, to spot without an untrained eye. That is because, in order to spot a failing septic system, you have to know what to look for. If you notice any of these top three signs in your home, it may be time to think about taking action. It’s better to correct the problem early before it gets worse, becomes more difficult to fix, and becomes a bigger expense than it needed to be.

Slowly Draining Sinks

Besides slowly draining sinks, if you are experiencing constant backups or hearing gurgling sounds coming from your faucets, you may have a problem Typically, these effects are caused by partial blockages somewhere in your system. These partial blockages are usually caused by solids that do not dissolve and FOGs (fats, oils, and grease) in your plumbing. If you notice that any of these are occurring often enough to become a nuisance, you may want to have a thorough look outside your home to check the area where your tank is buried.

Extra Grass Growth Around Tank

When you are looking outside for signs of a failing septic system, one of the first things to check is whether there are abnormally large pots of very healthy grass in or around the area where your septic tank is buried. This grass growth can happen when your septic tank is leaking or overflowing. The effluent released into the soil surrounding the tank can act as a natural fertilizer, causing a noticeable growth in greenery.

Smells Coming from Faucets or Yard

If you notice an odor coming from one or more of your drains, or if you notice an odor in your yard where the septic tank is buried, there may be an issue. This is usually caused by either a blockage or a leak in your tank. If it is a tank leak, it will usually be accompanied by growth in the grass above your tank like noted above.
If you are experiencing any of these signs, try one of our Maxx’s Products septic system treatment products before resorting to expensive repairs. Call now for more information.

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