When it comes to building a solid septic maintenance toolbox, really most of what you need are basic everyday tools like a hammer and screwdriver in addition to just a couple more specialized tools. When it comes to a good toolbox, usually you don’t need anything fancy, you can do the vast majority of tasks with just a few key items.

Claw Hammer

Whether you need to remove a nail, fix a dent, or shake something loose, a hammer is the classic staple of any toolbox. That’s why investing in a good hammer may be worth it. Cheap hammers can be improperly weighted, or the wooden handle could break. You may want to go for a classic 16oz hammer with a good feel and a sturdy handle. Wood handles can break more easily. If you want a stronger hammer, a comfortable-feeling synthetic handle will do the job.

Flathead & Phillips Screwdrivers

You really don’t have to worry about quality too much when it comes to screwdrivers. Just make sure it’s not too small, not too big, and feels nice and sturdy. You should have both a flathead and Phillips screwdriver in your toolbox. Having a good variety of sizes may also prove beneficial.

Wrench & Pliers

You’ll likely want to own a socket wrench, crescent wrench, and a strong set of pliers (both needle nose and vice grip). These are crucial to any toolbox, not just a toolbox centered around septic maintenance. The best way to pick out these tools in good quality is to talk to the salesperson.

A Buddy

Besides the basic tools to include in your toolbox, when it comes to septic maintenance having a buddy to help you out is especially important. Really, a person to help you out can be your most valuable tool.

Typically, if you find that your septic problems cannot be solved using the tools above, it may be time to call a professional. Before doing that, however, you may want to try a Maxx’s Products product. Our septic additives can help clear away sludge and fix certain issues you may be having. Call us now for more information.

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