The grass may be greener over the drain field, but that does not necessarily guarantee that you have a properly functioning septic system.  The only way to confirm that your septic system is healthy and operating without disruption is to have your septic system inspected.

A thorough inspection of your septic system will expose any leaks, blockages, or build-up that require attention. Once you are aware of any issues, you can properly treat them with efficient septic tank additives.

Speak With a Professional

To receive a quality inspection, you must first talk to a professional. You may consider inspecting your septic system yourself, but you risk being exposed to hazardous conditions if you do so. Septic tanks trap in toxic fumes that can be extremely dangerous if inhaled.

Take your time to research and select a qualified septic tank inspector in your area with a reputable background. Find a septic professional that you can trust and form an active relationship with, as you may need regular service. A cautious approach is crucial while performing septic tank inspections. Overlooking a failing baffle filter can result in sludge flowing into drain field pipes and clogging the septic system. Repairs for such an issue can cost thousands of dollars.

Pumping is Not Inspecting

Do not make the common mistake of assuming that a pumped septic tank is a properly functioning one. The pumping process consists of having the solid waste removed from the septic tank floor. It does not address whether the effluent is properly flowing through the drain field and into the soil.

There are instances where invasive plant roots can find their ways into perforated pipes of the drain field, causing it to flood. Such issues are not identified during a septic tank pump out. Be sure to schedule a septic tank pumping outside of a septic system inspection.

Maintain a Healthy System

The easiest way to ensure that your septic tank continues to function properly is to maintain it throughout the year. You should not expect that having your septic tank pumped is enough to guarantee a healthy system. The use of septic tank additives and treatment is a highly efficient way to ensure that your septic system passes inspection.

Products such as Enza Plus and Maxx’s Products are all-natural septic system treatments that promote a healthy system. These products serve as a one-two punch as Drain Buzz clears drain lines and Maxx’s Products replenishes bacteria and enzymes in your septic tank. Contact us today at 800-397-2384 to discover how to get a hold of our highly efficient septic tank treatment.