While homes are usually installed with their own Septic Systems, not all will have an Aerobic Septic System provided as well. If you are considering adding an Aerobic Septic System, there are several things you need to know when it comes to whether you need it or not. Installing the Aerobic system will bring in a higher bill than a traditional septic system, and it’s important to know why someone would pay that extra cost in the first place.

What Aerobic Means

Aerobic septic systems are not technically septic systems, and are more accurately called “Aerobic Treatment Systems.” They are similar to septic systems, but instead of using the anaerobic process that traditional septic systems use, these treatment systems use the aerobic process. Putting it simply, the aerobic process is how cells help most living things breathe. It requires oxygen, where the anaerobic process does not.

How This Changes the Septic Process

Aerobic Treatment Systems are much more environmentally friendly than a traditional septic system. Some areas may be too sensitive for the waste that a septic system puts out. These treatment systems also produce better quality effluents – the streams of waste that flow out of things like sewers or industrial plants. Thanks to the better effluent, a smaller leach field is needed compared to a usual septic tank.

On the negative side, the same stages that improve the quality of a treatment system (like the aeration and disinfecting stage) also increase the cost of the system. Aerobic treatment systems need constant electricity in order to keep the air pumps within them running. Other things like the electrical components, mechanical components, and disinfectant tablets need to be replaced more often. While micro-organisms within the treatment system help improve the disinfecting process, they also need a good mix of food and air to stay alive and get rid of waste effectively. Overall, an Aerobic Treatment System requires much more close and careful maintenance than a normal septic tank.

Do You Need an Aerobic Septic System?

Most aerobic treatment systems are used in small communities, and rural areas where there is no sewer system nearby. If you are in that situation, chances are you already have an aerobic treatment system. For the rest, if you are willing to take on the extra cost and maintenance time for a cleaner output, this system may be a valid option. However, for an easier way to reduce waste from your septic system, it will be more cost effective to keep it simple. Avoid putting harder, more solid material through your drains, and utilize our Maxx’s Products cleaning products to help clear out any drain clogging substances that have slipped through.

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