Emergency situations require fast attention. Quite often, they lead to picking up the phone and dialing 911. A emergency situation regarding your septic tank would require you to immediately call a septic tank professional. Knowing the signs of septic system emergency can prevent system failure. A septic system emergency can occur inside or outside of your home.

Indoor Septic System Emergency

If you catch a septic tank emergency early on, then it will be much easier to recover from any damages that may have occurred. Some signs of septic tank emergency can happen right inside your house. The overuse of appliances is one of the top reasons for why your septic system may be overflowing. When flushing the toilet, take into account that amount of time it takes to drain. A toilet that is flushing slower than usual will be a sign of a potential septic emergency. Other appliances in your home that can show signs of an incoming septic tank emergency are tubs and sinks. Sinks and tubs can also back up and fill with wastewater. If this occurs, be sure to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Outdoor Septic System Emergency

If there are no signs of a septic system emergency inside of your house, it is still possible for one to occur outside. A wet lawn during dry weather conditions shows that your septic tank may be full. Your leach field should be slowly processing the waste water. When waste is clogged inside leach fields due to improper maintenance, it can rise into the ground outside of your home. This is a sign of a failing septic tank.

Signs of a septic system emergency may be occurring inside or outside of your home. Wastewater can cause an unpleasant smell inside of your home, in your backyard, or your driveway. Don’t wait until you have a septic system emergency. Consider using products, such as SepticMaxx Premium Products to take pressure off your septic filter, help reduce build up, and ensure proper drainage into your drainfield. Call us today at 800-397-2384. Our septic tank professionals will assist you with all of your septic tank needs.

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