Many different household cleaners on the market can be used for daily tasks. There are liquid drops to get rid of odors in your garbage disposal, different liquid cleaners for clothes, and detergent packs for your dishwasher. Similar products can also clean and maintain your septic tank, but what about bleach? As a dependable cleaner and disinfectant, is it safe to use bleach to clean your septic tank?

The Dangers of Bleach

Bleach is known for being a powerhouse when it’s used to eliminate germs and kill odors. You might consider bleach to be a great cleaner to use for your septic system. Unfortunately, that mindset is a dangerous one to have because it’s usually recommended to avoid using bleach in your septic system. The chemicals within bleach can kill the bacteria that your septic tank relies on. When the bacteria dies off, the solids in your septic tank won’t be broken down as easily and this could lead to a backup or a complete failure in your system. Other emergencies could also arise from using bleach such as:

  • Toilet backup
  • Clogged or flooded drains
  • Contaminated well water
  • Wetness around the drainfield

Make sure you don’t make the common mistake of using it for your septic system. Knowing how your septic system works can also aid in avoiding these mistakes.

A failure in your septic system can cause the sewer line to backup and flow into your home though your toilets, drains, and can even flow into your basement. These are all signs of a serious problem.

When using bleach to clean your home, you might want to consider purchasing products that are made for cleaning your septic system. These products range from flushable pouches to other liquids. They are made to go hand-in-hand with the bacteria in your septic tank to keep it in peak condition. In addition to working with the bacteria, Maxx’s Products products are also eco-friendly. If you’d like a trial of our products or just want to learn more about your septic system and what’s right for it, give us a call at 800-397-2384!