A widely accepted myth is that septic tanks are bad for the environment. People believe that by having these massive tanks buried underground with toxic fumes trapped inside that it disrupts the ecosystem. Not only is this false but the opposite is actually true. A septic system that is properly maintained and fully functioning can benefit the environment in more ways than one. This is especially true during extreme water shortages.

The Benefits of Having a Septic System in a Drought

The effects of a drought are evident and can have a devastating impact on how you go about your daily life. When water levels are low, it is advised that you reduce the frequency by which you use water by limiting activities such as watering the lawn and washing the car. It is even suggested that households that run off a public sewage system reduce how often they wash dishes, do laundry, and flush the toilet. These daily tasks use more water than many may believe, but septic tank owners do not have to worry as much.

Having an on-site wastewater treatment system is highly beneficial during a drought. While water may still be limited to all parties, a septic system helps return water back into the environment quickly and efficiently. The way septic systems operate is as follows:

● Wastewater from the home flows down a main drainage pipe into the septic tank
● The septic tank holds the water long enough for the sludge to separate from the scum
● Liquid wastewater or effluent travels from the tank into the drain field
● The water flows through piping and onto perforated surfaces that allow the wastewater to filter into the soil
● Water is ultimately discharged into wastewater
● The water is filtered into the soil, removing any viruses, nutrients, or bacteria

How Your Drain Field Helps

If you haven’t realized it yet, your septic system is a big help during a drought. Not only does it source its own water from a well rather than a public water supply, but it also returns clean water back into the ecosystem. Houses that run off of public sewage have to wait for their water to run through a treatment plant before it ever returns to the environment. By having a water treatment system on-site, clean water rejoins groundwater quickly, eventually flowing into streams, lakes, and rivers.

Septic systems benefit the environment during a drought in more ways than one, but this can only occur if the septic system is functioning properly. A failing system that has blockages and is unable to separate sludge from scum can be detrimental to the environment. Thankfully, Maxx’s Products offers premium products that combat the most common septic system failures. Our products are an all-natural and safe way to make your septic tank healthier! Contact us today at (800) 397-2384 for a complete description of all of our premium products.

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