Have you noticed that your toilets have been flushing slowly or are there some possibly serious clogs in your septic tank? SepticMaxx.com understands your problems and offers the Maxx’s Products Trillion Tabs, a septic tank treatment that releases more than two trillion bacterial spores and catalyst enzymes for your septic tank. By using this selection, you can replenish the septic tank bacteria in your system, making sure that it runs properly!

Stuff like antibacterial soap and bleach can begin to kill all of the bacteria in your septic system. Septic tank bacteria naturally break down organic waste and sludge, making sure your system runs properly. If you do not have these bacteria doing their job in your system, then backups start to occur and you have a bigger problem on your hands. No one wants to have to pay for a new septic tank! Using this product prevents these problems. Place your order for this product today and improve your septic tank! This septic tank bacteria product works best when used alongside our Maxx’s Products system additive.

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