Effluent: Wastewater that flows out of a septic tank.

Effluent Baffle: A tubular device that is open at the bottom and top with a leg that is attached at the outlet of a septic tank. This is normally made of PVC or fiberglass that is designed to prevent surging.

Effluent Filter:  A housing chamber that is normally made of plastic and located at the outlet of a septic tank. It contains small holes that let liquid drain while preventing the passing of solids.

Effluent Pump: A pump that is used to transport liquid effluent from a pumping chamber to a distribution component.

Gray Water: Water that does not contain human waste but is formed from bathing, laundry, or other household facilities.

Influent: Untreated sewage that flows into a septic tank.

Leach Field: Also known as distribution field.

Passive System: A septic system that functions without the use of external energy or mechanical parts

Seepage Pit:  Also known as dry well.

Septic: Decomposing or lacking oxygen

Septic Tank: A tank or chamber made of concrete, plastic, steel, or fiberglass that is used in a septic system to collect influent and contain solid matter of flowing sewage.

Septic Tank Riser: A component of the septic tank that is used to raise the septic tank cover to ground level or higher to perform septic tank maintenance and inspection.

Settling Chamber: A container made of steel, plastic, concrete, or fiberglass that is used to slow the rate of effluent so that solids can precipitate from the effluent.

Sludge Layer: The bottom layer of matter in a septic tank that is composed of solids and is heavier than water.

System Failure: A condition that occurs when a distribution field becomes saturated and effluent flows out onto the ground above.

Treatment Chamber: A large volumetric container that is normally made of steel, concrete, fiberglass, or plastic that is used to hold sewage for biochemical processing.

Vent Pipe: A vertical pipe that can be made of plastic, cast iron, steel, or clay and is connected to a septic system to allow air to flow out to the atmosphere.

Vented Cover: A cover that has an attached vent pipe or opening.


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