Now that it is 2017, there is plenty of time to make a New Year’s resolution to which you will stick. Most of the typical resolutions include making more money, losing weight and getting healthier in general. However, there are always other resolutions you can make that are also extremely important. For instance, if you rely on a septic system, you will want to ensure that it is regularly maintained so that it functions at its best. Here are a few tips for making your resolutions revolve around your septic system.

Understand the Structure, Location and Function of Your Septic System

Too often, homeowners aren’t really aware of all the complex components that make up their septic system, where each part is located or even how the system itself works. Knowing exactly where your tank and drainfield are located is definitely helpful. You should also know where the other components, such as the control panel, cleanout and more, are situated.

Educated Yourself About Septic Systems

Unfortunately, there are plenty of myths about septic systems. As a result, they are frequently blamed for problems like pollution and poor water quality. However, when septic systems are properly maintained on a regular basis, they can be very environmentally friendly, even more so than other systems. There is also a misconception that introducing additives to your septic system is a bad idea. In reality, though, septic systems use a natural process, so adding any chemicals do not upset its balance.

Be Wise About Water Usage

When you have a septic system, you must be careful about using multiple water resources at once because it can lead to an overload. This means you must use water efficiently and use low flow toilets and shower heads and regularly wash your laundry. Using too much water can overload your system and lead to complications. When you use water more efficiently, not only will it benefit your septic system in helping it to function for a long time, but it will also benefit the environment.

Flush Smarter

It’s very important to know what to flush and what you should never flush. Although many feminine products, such as tampons, are dubbed as “flushable,” you might want to instead throw them in the trash, along with other items that are not flushable, such as diapers and baby wipes. Also, avoid placing food and chemicals down sink drains.

These are all of the things you must know and do in order to make a successful New Year’s resolution regarding your septic system. Always educate yourself and take small actions daily to ensure that your system properly functions for a long time to come.

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