Is there an offensive odor filling your home? Your septic system may be to blame. Lingering septic odors are not just inconvenient but can be detrimental to your health.

Septic fumes are toxic and consist of harmful gasses like methane and hydrogen sulfide gas. Eye irritation is an initial reaction to lingering toxic fumes. Excessive irritation can progress to eye damage and paralysis in the sense of smell. The highly flammable characteristic of methane gas alone can make striking a match in a home filled with toxic fumes a risky decision.

Being able to identify the source of septic odors can help diagnose the issue and serve as a starting point for septic inspections. These are the most common sources of invasive septic odors.

Leaks in Septic Pipes

Septic pipes carry wastewater from the home into the tank. The wastewater or effluent then travels to the drain field where it is treated and released back into the ecosystem. A leaking septic pipe does not only disrupt the process, but it exposes your home to toxic fumes. Leaking septic waste can lay dormant in the walls of the home and underneath the floor.

Odors in Drains

Odors coming from drains may be dangerous for your health. Where leaks in piping may only result in a foul odor, odors from drains are likely to be accompanied by toxic fumes. This is so because such fumes are likely to come directly from the septic tank.

Blockages and sludge build-up are likely to be the cause of drain issues. If you flush a disruptive object down the toilet, it can get stuck in the pipeage, disrupt water flow, and cause sludge to accumulate.

Sludge build-up is a direct result of improper septic tank maintenance. If you fail to have your septic tank pumped regularly, sludge will continue to pile up at the septic tank floor. Not only does this increase the chance of wastewater reversing its flow, but it creates a distinct odor that can spew from bathroom and kitchen drains.

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