You can easily doom your septic system to failure by pouring grease and fat into it. Most residential septic tanks are designed to hold common sewage and household waste. The efficiency of a residential septic system depend on variants such as the number of persons in a household, quantity of water used, and the substances that are poured down the drains. Of those substances, grease and fat can wreak havoc on your septic system and should be controlled to prevent septic system failure. Here’s how you can do it:
How grease and fat clog your septic system:

Before you analyze the dangers of grease and fat in your septic system, you should first know how a residential septic system works. It works with three individual layers: The bottom layer consists of waste that has yet to be broken down, known as sludge. The middle layer contains liquids which have broken down from solids as well as wastewater. The top layer, or the scum layer, is where light solids and waste enter your septic system, such as grease and fat. If this layer of waste becomes overly thick, the wastewater will have a difficult time draining from the septic tank. Because grease and fat tend to thicken significantly over time, it can cause the scum layer to be pushed into the liquid layer and leak out of the exit pipes of the septic system. From there they may enter the leach field, which will plug the drain holes and pipes of your septic system.

How to remove grease and fat: If you discover that grease and fat have built up in your septic tank, you will need to have it removed. Grease and fat deposits should be removed from your system before it gets too thick and creates potential problems in your leach field. A septic system pumping and disposal may help to remove grease and fat, but this should be done by a professional septic tank service company. If grease and fat is not removed from your septic system in time, your septic pipes may have to be dug up and replaced.

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