Certain plants can cause damage around your septic tank and drainfield. Aggressive roots can disrupt the flow of your system. Safe plants won’t damage your system but will actually work with it to naturally maintain it. These plants will prevent erosion and absorb excess moisture from the drainfield. Using safe plants can help you avoid pipe damage and overflowing toilets.

Safe Plants to Grow Over Your Drainfield

Grasses, perennials (plants that naturally repeat their life cycle until they mature) , annuals (plants that have a lifespan of one year), and non-woody ground covers work best with your drainfield because of their shallow roots. Shallow roots are less likely to grow into the underground system and cause damage. Many plants fall into these categories. To narrow down your choices, you should think about the growing conditions around your drainfield.

● If the area is sunny, consider perennials like Montauk Daisies, Coneflowers, Daylilies, and Red Hot Pokers.
● If the area doesn’t get much sun, shade-garden plants like Coral Bells, Dead Nettles, Foamflowers, and Primroses might be your best bet.

The soil around septic tank drain fields is wetter and saltier than average soil. Perennials that tolerate both wet ground and salt would be perfect if the area around your drainfield is very wet. A few plants which can withstand salt and moisture are:

● Hollyhocks
● Bee Balms
● Wild Violets

It’s not safe to grow crops or plants with fruit in the area around a drainfield. You might ingest harmful bacteria from eating them.

Are There Safe Trees and Shrubs?

Like plants, shallow-rooted trees are better to grow over and around your drainfield. Shallow-rooted trees and shrubs include:

● Eastern redbud trees
● Cherry trees
● Azalea shrubs
● Dogwood trees
● Japanese maple trees
● Holly shrubs

The Danger of Planting the Wrong Flowers and Trees

Drain field pipes are vulnerable to penetration from the roots of plants. The parts of your septic system need to be functioning properly or it could lead to costly repairs.

Annual flowers have to be planted every year which means digging and replanting around your drainfield. Perennials don’t have to be planted every year. The less gardening you do over your drainfield, the less likely that damage may occur. Plants and trees aren’t the only natural things that work with your septic system to keep it maintained. Maxx’s Products is a natural product that’s made to work with the bacteria in your system. Check out our products or call (800) 397-2384 to learn more about what makes Maxx’s Products one of the best additives for your septic system.

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