Septic tanks are placed underground, which makes finding the tank lids for pumping and inspection difficult, expensive and time-consuming. A septic tank riser provides an affordable solution for this issue.

Septic Tank Riser Definition

A vertical plastic or concrete pipe that connects the access ports of a septic tank to the ground above is known as a riser. Measuring from eight to 24 inches in diameter, risers are covered with a lid, which makes maintenance and repair jobs much easier. While risers are a simple concept, they are often not included with a typical septic tank, especially if it is older.

Septic Tank Riser Installation

The first step is finding the septic tank, which is done by a professional technician using an iron bar or a special locating device. Once the access hole is located, the ground is dug up around it, and the access lid is replaced by the riser. The soil is then replaced, and the riser is covered with its own lid.

Pros and Cons of Using Septic Tank Risers

Septic tank risers are beneficial, but homeowners should think about the following points before installation.

• Risers are costly. While this is a one-time expense for labor and materials, it can be considerable. It is important to realize the investment will pay for itself with the ease of future inspections and maintenance. Since septic tanks require annual inspection and should be pumped out every three to five years on average, the savings will accumulate over the long term.

• Risers can be unsightly. The most convenient way to access a riser is to have the lid flush or slightly extended above ground level. Some homeowners may find this approach detracts from the beauty of the lawn. In those circumstances, the riser lid can be placed a few inches under lawn level and covered with grass or some other form of landscaping. This preserves the beauty of the yard while allowing for easy access to the riser for pumping or inspection.

Septic tank risers are excellent addition to an existing system and a worthy investment for homeowners.

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