It is time to say goodbye to the winter, hello to the spring, and time for septic system spring maintenance. It is crucial that you pay special attention to your septic system as the season changes. Rain and muddy conditions are to be expected this time of year and the last thing you want to worry about is a malfunctioning septic system.

Heavy rainfall has the potential of flooding the drainfield area of your septic system. A flooded drainfield disrupts outward water flow, which forces the water back up your sewage pipes, effectively flooding your home. We have outlined a few tips to help you avoid this and any other septic system mishaps from affecting you this spring.

Redirect Gutters

To prevent rain from flooding your drainfield, it is important that you redirect your gutters. You should face them in a direction away from any septic components to ensure that nothing disrupts the system. This can help prevent a possible septic tank backup.

Check for Pooling

As mentioned earlier, pooling in the drainfield area can lead to a reversal of your septic system. If you ever notice water collecting around your septic covers, it is possible that you may already have a blockage. Do not try to repair this yourself. Get in contact with a septic tank professional that can properly address this issue.

Address Foul Odors

If you ever smell repulsive odors inside or outside of your home, your septic system is probably backed up and needs to be pumped. Do not wait for the smell to go away! The longer you let this issue persist, the more costly it will be to fix it.

Maintain the Tank Filter

Filters are most generally located near the outlet of your septic system. You should check for scum, debris, or anything that may disrupt your septic system. It is recommended to have your septic filter cleaned or replaced every three or four months.

A properly functioning septic system is crucial. Even the smallest abnormality can cost thousands in repairs if not addressed in a timely manner. Maxx’s Products products can help prepare your septic system for the spring by reducing drain line build-up and replenishing bacteria levels in your septic tank. Our products are an all-natural and safe way to make your septic tank healthier! Make sure you’re prepared for every season, order a Maxx’s Products product today.