Your Septic System is used to keep waste out of the water in your household. Much of this waste is small, and with proper maintenance will not damage your Septic System, leading to less clogged drains and healthier water. However, it is possible for larger, more obstructive foreign materials to enter your septic tank. Mud is one of the materials that can enter your septic tank and damage your septic system.

How Mud Enters Your Septic System

Constant rainfall creates prime conditions for mud to form. When heavy rain continues to pound down, the ground begins to saturate – that is, it gets real wet and heavy – around the drainfield, which causes difficulty for water to flow out of the pipes of your septic system. This creates a muddy type of water that, if left unchecked, may run back through the pipes to your house and clog your toilet and sink drains.

Sometimes mud may be coming in through the drains of your house itself. For example, try to clean the mud off of a shirt using a bucket of water, rather than using your sink, and running the risk of clogging your drains. Mud may also enter your septic system by pumping your septic tank at the wrong time. If you were to pump your septic tank when the soil was saturated, mud can enter the tank and end up in the drainfield.

How Mud Damages Your Septic System

Because Mud is a much thicker substance than typical water, it is much more likely to clog the pipes of your septic system. This leads to the drains of your house not working, or could even lead to unsafe water. Furthermore, pools of water may start appearing around a clogged septic tank, and it will smell awful.

It is common practice to pump your Septic System once every two years at the longest. Doing so will not only help the longevity of your tank, but will also help clean out any of the stray bits of mud that may have started floating within your septic tank. If you want the most efficient septic system possible, and want to keep chances of backed up or clogged drains low, then make sure to use all natural cleaning products such as Maxx’s Products. Doing so will help clean out foreign materials out of your system, outside of the scheduled pumpings.

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